Culinary Rx

An Online 60-day
Plant-Based Cooking


I'm convinced that Rouxbe has created a platform and course that will change healthcare as we know it.

Dr. Scott Stoll, MD

This was such a breakthrough for me. With this program, I finally found a way to help my patients with really learning the basics of healthy cooking. I found the program to be well designed and extremely easy to use. The food is amazing too!

Tracy Herrera, RD

As Dr. Campbell states, your daily lifestyle choices, including your level of physical activity, how you deal with stress, the foods you choose to eat, and how they are prepared are truly the miracle drug. There is no better way to optimal health and well being, free of dis-ease, than to fill your body with the best natural plant based nutrients you can grow or find, knowing exactly where each and every bite is coming from and who prepared it. Rouxbe does a better job of demonstrating this than any other resource I have ever seen in my 40 years of work in Wellness and Preventive Health. Thank you Rouxbe!

Katie Van Dorn

I teach a doctoral program for nurse practioners, specializing in lifestyle medicine. The course is Nutritional Approaches for Disease Prevention and Management. I teach it with a whole plant food emphasis. The students in the fall semester rated participation in CulinaryRx as one of the best things about the course.

Lilly Tryon

Culinary Rx is an excellent course for anyone looking to expand their knowledge base around plant-based cooking. As a holistic health coach I recommend Culinary Rx to all of my clients.

Lisa Cheatham

The science supporting a plant-based diet is clear. The way to implement it is not always so easy. Rouxbe provides the best way I have found to master the skills needed to make the transition to a plant-based diet.

Dr. Aaron Levy

Culinary Rx gave me the confidence I needed to teach my health coaching clients easy, simple plant based cooking skills. The course materials were presented beautifully in a way that is easy to follow and understand. I am looking forward to sharing the program with my clients.

Tami McVay

Culinary Rx is a wonderfully organized, real-life curriculum, that is timeless in its application. Thanks again TEAM ROUXBE for adding even more value to the services I offer my client by healing through whole foods. The Lifestyle Catalyst.

Aimee Tanon

My cholesterol numbers have decreased around 30 points since I started eating more plant-based and adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet. My A1C decreased from 5.8% to 5.4. Lost around 4 pounds (my bmi was 25.5). But the best of all and what keeps me going is that I take pride that I'm giving my children, Evan 5 , Adam 3 and Alex 2 a, better chance at life by being healthier.

Joel Rivera

Culinary Rx is the most enjoyable medicine you will ever prescribe. The recipes are delicious, the information is invaluable, and the implementation may just save your life. I am so impressed with the quality of the content, I will recommend this to every client I have the privilege of helping. If you want to take your life (and health) to the next level, take this course NOW.

Lita Dwight

If you are trying to improve your health by switching to more a healthy diet, then this course will help you with the basic understanding of why eating plant-based foods can prove beneficial in healing such lifestyle diseases as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and bad (LDL) cholesterol, just to mention a few.

Dr. Steven Abel

As a physician, I believe Culinary Rx has provided me with the crucial tools, as important, if not more important, than pharmaceuticals. It's time we reconsider food as the ultimate medicine, and help better inform our patients about ways they can safely and modify their disease risks.

Ayesha Sherzai

As a cooking and nutrition educator, I am thrilled to be able to recommend Culinary Rx to my clients! In our current society of multi-tasking, hectic schedules and fast-food drive-throughs, this course offers the opportunity to learn and practice fundamental cooking techniques, inevitably leading to greater confidence and healthier choices in the kitchen.

Claire Brown

Culinary Rx is a boon to the plant-based field. Patients and practitioners alike stand to benefit from this first-class education. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to hone their kitchen skills.

Lindsey Mcilvena

I would encourage anyone who would like to begin a healthy lifestyle to begin with this course. This course certainly will give you the knowledge and wisdom behind a whole food plant-based diet.

Bette Statham

I would definitely recommend this course to a healthy practitioners or non healthy practitioners. Even for someone with a very busy lifestyle it is possible to complete it on their own pace.

Margot Caroni

Just do it. Even if you don't want to go plant-based. This course could spark an interest and plant a seed you might feel like investigating!

Jeana Koster

I have always been fond of being in the kitchen and cooking meals. However, the knowledge i've gained from Culinary Rx have been life changing! I had no idea, cooking could actually be easier and more enjoyable when you know the proper basics. I look forward to preparing meals everyday!

Suzette Kristy

Excellent course! Hated to see it end. Personally, it has given me the confidence and skills needed to take my healthy cooking/recipes to a new level. Professionally, I will be able to teach basic skills/techniques to my clients to assist them in making better healthy choices with more confidence. I already have a demonstration set up at a yoga studio.

Kymberli Norman

I recommend this course for Food Service Staff because it is short course, that offers important culinary techniques, while at the same time helping the staff to understand the importance of cooking with "health & quality" as the number one priority.

Natalie Mitchern

In taking this course, I lost weight with cooking this way, feel better, cook better & healthier. This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and my husband whom enjoyed my assignment as well.

Kimberly Frankenfield

Culinary Rx is the perfect prescription for a healthier lifestyle. In 60 days you can transform your eating habits and gain new skills in the kitchen. I'll be using this online resource to help my clients change their lives.

Bariann Sheppard

I am a healthcare professional, working in a medical clinic. I have a busy professional and personal life, so I wasn't sure if I would have the time to take the Culinary Rx course but I could set my own pace which was perfect for my hectic schedule. I gained confidence by learning cutting edge food science and cooking techniques. The lessons helped me to understand how every bite has a consequence - for health or harm. Culinary Rx taught me the cooking techniques used to prepare plant-based foods and inspired me to choose healthy meal options. Now I can thrive!

Lisa Sizemore

Culinary Rx has been a God send to me. I went into this course with wanting to learn more about the basics of good nutrition and it make my kitchen a gathering place to all. The food that I have prepared since the start of this course is dramatically different then before the course! My plant-based food is so full of flavor and the presentation is fantastic. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn more about whole foods and how to prepare the correctly.

Lynne Fisher

Whether you have been cooking for years or just beginning, this course will help you feed yourself better and more efficiently than any diet plan or cookbook. Log on and save your life!

Sheri Johnson

Before joining Culinary Rx, I was seriously considering starting another diet. Then I came to the realization that I do not want to diet but instead learn about nutrition and learn to cook. Something that would change the way I live my life. When starting Culinary Rx I felt clumsy and unsure of cooking process and methods. Since starting the course I have been able to identify healthier meals and strategies to incorporate more whole foods into my diet. I have learned skills to prepare these meals in the kitchen. I know how to use a knife properly! I have even learned strategies for meal preparation and grocery shopping. It seems I have made quite a progression in my knowledge and skills and I am very grateful.

Anne McIntire

This course provides a great introduction and education about the benefits of a plant-based diet and in a few short months, working a few hours a week, anyone can be a successful skilled plant-based cook...and on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Deanna Price

I work 80 hours a week in a highly stressed and demanding job as a nurse practitioner and prior to taking this class, I was not eating enough food, nor was I eating healthy. I am always on the go. In addition to my poor eating habits, I was always stressed and not sleeping well. When I did eat it was always something simple...salad, stream vegetable, chicken, fish or turkey. As a result of the Culinary Rx course, I have changed my outlook on healthy eating. I am now more proficient in preparing healthy plant-based meals, enjoy cooking, exercise more, sleep better and overall I feel better about myself. All the foods I have prepared have turned out delicious. I am very proud of myself for being able to prepare the foods. I have learned a lot from the Culinary Rx course in a relatively short time and I highly recommend this course.

J'Wana Torian

I feel that EVERYONE, especially those who have dietary lifestyle related health problems should take the time to learn from this course. I CAN NOT believe that medical doctors and society in general have no idea that food is the most important factor in good health. Take this course and teach your family, especially your children, how to eat properly and help to eliminate these terrible lifestyle related diseases like cancer, diabetes and immune diseases.

Lindy Goergen

I have been a "foodie" for decades, but in all that time watching food TV shows I never learned the proper way to wield a knife, soak grains, prepare rice or cook beans. Working through the lessons gave me more confidence in the kitchen, and I hope to continue with other Rouxbe offerings in the near future. This course provides essential tools for anyone looking to transition to a plant-based diet.

Jean Randazzo

I absolutely LOVED this course! As a dietitian by education, I had very little experience with actually cooking foods/meals. This course was great as it taught me several basic, but key concepts: knife skills, mise en place, sweating, & resting rice, to name a few.

Jacque Tarlton

Everyone in the healthcare industry should take and fully understand how food can affect your health and major diseases that are keeping our young and old in healthcare facilities. Bags of medications are not the way to live our lives but healing through food is. I know that being plant-based may seem hard, but join this program and learn all of the delicious food that you can prepare and eat and reap the benefits of a healthy life.

Kelley Williamson

This class was life-changing and very easy to incorporate into anyone's life. The information is so important to everyone on the plane. As a nurse, I have shifted my focus to helping prevent disease and supporting a healthy lifestyle. Food impacts us all, and knowing about food and how to make it a positive influence in your life should be part of everyone's general knowledge. You make the decision of how much you would like to incorporate into your diet, but the decision is based on knowledge not myth, propaganda, and old beliefs. It is self-paced, but you will want to go back every day. Open this door in your life, talk a stroll, you will never turn back!

Keri McGill

This course gave me the courage to proceed in the direction of supporting my health, rather than continuing in ignorance about how I am actually sabotaging my health/life just by food choices that I was previously overwhelmed by changing. I now have direction and information/education to take better charge of my health. I am also in a position to share this course to others that I care so much about: family, friends and patients.

Elisa Montes De Oca

This course is a great launching pad for healthcare professionals to engage in conversations regarding the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle with their patients. Not only will patients gain an overview of the many benefits of a plant-based diet, but they will also learn practical skills to begin to easily incorporate these whole foods into their daily diets.

Kristen Fahnoe

There is no doubt that the government and healthcare companies know the first step to good health is healthy nutrition; the next step is to make Culinary Rx reimbursable by healthcare companies if the patient proves to be serious about taking good care of their health.

Jane Go

This course is a great way to move towards a plant-based lifestyle. It teaches you cooking techniques as well as giving you the tips to make cooking more exciting, great tasting, as well as healthier. After starting this course I found myself wanting to share my new skills with friend and family to help encourage them, too, to lead a more healthy life.

Aliza Stern

Culinary Rx will help you transition your clients to a healthier lifestyle by providing them with the knowledge and benefits of whole food plant-based diet. It provides a great platform that will help them make this important transition and how it can be easily achieved by incorporating new and exciting recipes into their diets.

Bonnie Smith

Culinary Rx has given me the skills and tools in cooking that have given me confidence to prepare healthy, plant-based meals. I'm studying to be a holistic health coach and this course has been a great compliment to my learning. I now feel comfortable suggesting plant-based recipes to my clients

Wendra Reese

A practical and easy way to begin the journey back to true Health.

Dawn Byford

This course has given me confidence in my own personal cooking and had enabled me to have a lot more confidence teaching others. This course is the foundation that will carry me on to bigger and better ways of creating better health for myself, my family, and my patients.

Kaisha Schmelzle

Culinary Rx provides a basic framework for learning simple techniques for plant-based cooking, and a wealth of information for a plant-based diet. You will walk away more skilled and inspired to eat healthy whole plant-based foods. The staff is very supportive, knowlegeable and available to answer your questions. I highly recommend this course.

Tracy Schwamb

Learning to adopt a healthy plant-based lifestyle is not difficult. With the material and techniques offered by Culinary Rx, you will be cooking to a better healthy future in no time.

Bill Yakamovich

The Culinary RX course definitely gave me more confidence in the kitchen and help improved my knowledge of nutrition, and how to prepare healthy foods, simply, easily, and professionally.

Deirdre Rawlings

This course is an eye opener for beginners to plant-based masters in the kitchen alike with emphasis on nutrition.

Anthea Harris

I had made every imaginable excuse for not changing my cooking habits, and this course effectively destroyed each and every one. If you have any hope whatsoever of changing your ways, start here. I did, and I am.

Bryan Legare

This course is extremely beneficial to anyone interested in transitioning to a plant based lifestyle or anyone who wants to increase and improve on the knowledge and cooking skills. This course is very well done and well worth the money!

Randall Titony

The Culinary Rx course was a wonderful and affordable opportunity to learn how to support and expand my healthy diet choices. I learned the how and why of healthy cooking options with plenty of practice opportunities. The course was well organized, flexible, interesting and fun. I highly recommend it.

Shelley Griffee

This course, the instructors, and the community have been wonderful. From the moment I started the course, I knew it was worth every penny. For those needing basic nutritional and cooking guidance to obtain better health, this course is definitely for you! You won't regret it!

Cindy Chapman

It has been a great introduction to Rouxbe for me and gave me a better understanding of how an online cooking program would be formatted. Now I am confident that I will obtain the value from attending the professional plant-based chef program and intend to continue my cooking education in order to be able to help others learn better cooking skills.

Dawn Valcourt

Culinary Rx is a perfect springboard to more healthful cooking and eating. Everyone from beginners to seasoned pros will learn what they need to know to more fully embrace a whole foods plant-based diet. The platform is elegant and easily navigated and the content superbly produced and presented. The truly delicious recipes were fun and the lessons where informative and helpful. I have been cooking and eating a WFPB diet for a long time so a was surprised at how much I learned and how it has changed my kitchen practices.

Elizabeth Adams-Smith

This course makes it seem doable to maintain the plant-based life by making cooking accesible again. It seems easier to go by a drive thru, but with small amounts of planning, it can be just as easy to cook at home.

Elizabeth Casseday

I would highly recommend everyone to attend a Rouxbe course. I have been a member of Rouxbe for a few years and I know that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I have learned so much about food and cooking.

Gill Talbot

Excellent course! Culinary RX will give you the knowledge and confidence to incorporate a more plant based diet into your daily life.

Rebecca Morrison